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32+ Awesome Front Porch Ideas: A Place for Hanging Out in Your Home

Like rotary phones and black and white TVs, a good old-fashioned front porch makes me think of quieter, gentler times. Those were the days...
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51+ DIY Fairy Garden Ideas Bring Magic Into Your Home (photos)

Looking for a fun, creative activity to do with your child this summer? Our local garden center was offering a fairy garden class, and...
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35+ Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Front House and Yard (picture gallery)

If you are an outdoor lover like me, you will most likely be inspired by many of these enchanting yet super easy DIY outdoor...
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30+ Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Garden Designs (with pictures)

Thanks in part to rising home prices and the circulation of inspirational garden photos on sites like Pinterest and Instagram, homeowners have begun to...
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10+ Smart Storage Hacks for Shoe Lovers

If you are someone who loves to shop for shoes and want to show them off to the world, you need a shoe hack...
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12+ Great Ideas For Making Low Ceilings Look Higher!

Many newer homes have really high ceilings but older homes built 20, 30 years ago have low ceilings. If you live in an older...
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